Bach Beh Sci, Dip Psych, MBA, PhD (Psych)

Brisbane, Australia

Dr Carolyn Spencer has significant expertise in helping people to achieve their personal goals and encompasses both clinical and corporate situations, research and executive coaching/mentoring. Carolyn applies appropriate therapeutic tools, such as schema therapy, cognitive therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy to help clients to address the problems that have challenged them.

People have sought Carolyn’s professional support when they have experienced problems in their life with, for example, their personal relationships, anger management or communication skills. Others may have had strong emotional reactions, such as anxiety, grief or loss to life experiences, which may include trauma, or loss of a close relationship or job.

Since every person is different, Carolyn takes a flexible, client-centered approach through a process tailored to support and assist the client to find a pathway that suits them. They may, for example, benefit from understanding the factors that will help them to cope through a difficult and challenging time, and why they are experiencing strong emotions at that time.