BSc; BSc (Hons); MHSt

Brisbane, Australia

Amanda Curran is a Registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Board and with Medicare Australia.  She completed a Honours Degree in Applied Psychology in 1999 and also completed a Master of Health Studies Majoring in Addictions in 2009. Amanda also has extensive training in parenting interventions and is a qualified provider of Triple P Parenting Program and Parents Under Pressure Program.She has experience in a variety of areas including; residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation, Drug Diversion Programs, inpatient psychiatric treatment, university counselling, employee assistance programs, relationship counselling, family therapy, gambling help, telephone counselling, crisis intervention, parenting programs, structured playgroup provision and private practice.  Her special interests are addictions, trauma, parenting interventions, postnatal depression, infertility, mediation and conflict resolution.

Amanda’s approach to treatment is that it is a partnership, with both parties needing to put in the effort into resolving the issue that led the client to seek assistance.  She operates from a cognitive behavioural framework and assists clients to break disruptive patterns in their lives through identification of their underlying thought processes and beliefs about themselves and the world and assisting them to change these unhelpful thoughts and beliefs.  When working with parents or families she works collaboratively with the family to come up with solutions that work for them and that are comfortable for the entire family and easy to put into practice.