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Great news! We are building a better website for you appointments can be made through Your Psych Online facebook page

Multiple Programs & Services Available

Everything from one off sessions to online learning. Choose an option that suits!

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Your Psychologist is committed in giving the best support to help you

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Multiple Time Available

Appointments that meet you at the point of your needs in your time.

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Want convenient, easy to access support from an Online Psychologist when times are tough?


If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, then an Online Psychologist is for you:

  • Are you a Fly-In Fly-Out worker? Break your isolation by accessing consistent support during the tough times?

  • Do you live in a remote area and can’t get to see a Psychologist without having to drive 2 hours?

  • Are you physically too unwell to leave the house?

  • Are you the primary carer of an elderly person, child or other dependent whom you can’t leave home alone?

  • Are you a shift worker?

  • Do you travel extensively for business and just can’t find the time to fit in face-to-face appointments?




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via the Your Psych Online FB Page or tag us @mysourcehealth

About Us

Your Psych Online is ready to support you via Email, Zoom, Phone or Messenger. We believe in high quality care, keeping mental health accessible, affordable and trusted.

We can talk in the space where you feel safe – in your time.

Support with no barriers is the heartbeat of Your Psych Online. We will help you navigate your journey to mental heath wellness.

There are a lot of reasons why access to mental health can be challenging to so many. From rural or regional isolation, anxieties and presenting symptoms that may require correct and accurate diagnosis. Whatever the case maybe, Your Psych Online is ready to listen whenever, wherever you are.

Your help is just a click away.


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